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Facial Services

Each of the facials below is customized to your individual skin type and concerns. No two facials will be the same making it choose which service you think is best for you! However, if you're just not sure which one to pick, feel free to contact Danielle and she can help you based on your skincare needs.


Discover Hydrafacial's patented technology and why everyone raves about this fan favorite facial! Hydrafacial is a professional-grade treatment backed by clinical evidence of improvement in the overall appearance of the skin. The Hydrafacial vortex technology works like a vacuum to gently exfoliate and open pores, visibly extract dirt and debris, and infuse targeted serums into the skin for the ultimate health experience!

At Danielle Graham Esthetics you won't experience an average Hydrafacial. Each tier offers a customized treatment that Danielle has curated to be an amazing experience from start to finish and will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated as well as have your skin looking its best!

Choose from the Signature 30 minute, the Deluxe 60 minute or the Platinum 90 minute Hydrafacial offerings.



This service is customized to your skincare needs and concerns. Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and finishing products. This facial is perfect for those who aren't sure what to book or someone who is new to facial services.

Esti 6 Glow2.jpg


This service includes everything from the 60 minute facial except you also get added upgrades of hydro jelly mask and LED light treatment. An amazing service that you truly can NOT resist! This treatment is great for first time facials as well as those looking to really get a more in-depth treatment as more active ingredients are typically used.

Esti 5 Glow.jpg


If you're looking for just the benefit of microdermabrasion this facial can be performed as a stand alone service. Includes cleanse, microdermabrasion itself, mask, massage and finishing products.

Microdermabrasion has the best results when performed in a series therefore Danielle offers the service in series of 3/6/9 for a discounted rate.

Esti 10 microderm.jpg


The Dermaplane Facial uses a sterile scalpel to remove the top layer of dead skin along with unwanted vellus hair (aka "Peach fuzz") on the face. This facial will leave your skin baby smooth and will allow your skincare and makeup products to go on like never before! You will fall in LOVE with dermaplaning and wish you had it sooner! Dermaplaning can be performed once a month. Dermaplaning is an advanced form of exfoliation and therefore you may not have this procedure if you have any recent sun exposure, if you have any active acne breakouts or if you have a known history of getting cold sores (dermaplaning can cause a cold sore to surface. You CAN have the procedure if you get medication from your medical doctor before the service is provided.)

Esti 11 dermaplane.JPG


The Micro-needling treatment uses micro-needles that will penetrate the skin and treat it with Collagen Induction Therapy that will hydrate and volumize the targeted area(s). By creating nearly invisible punctures in your skin, it encourages the production of natural healing compounds such as elastin and collagen.

This is NOT for 1st time clients. You MUST have a consultation before booking this treatment.

exceed 1.png


Danielle offers many different types of chemical peels. From peels that treat skin concerns without visible signs of shedding to peels that have downtime, Danielle has a chemical peel for every skin concern you have.

Our most popular chemical peel is The Perfect Dermapeel. This is a medical grade formulation that is comprised of TCA, Retinoic acid Kojic acid, Salicyclic acid, Phenol, Vitamin C and the amazing antioxidant, Glutathione.The Perfect Dermapeel does make the skin shed visibly for 5-7 days so please plan accordingly if you're interested in this peel. (Danielle is shown peeling in the photo here on day 3 of The Perfect Dermapeel to show the amount of peeling to expect.)

*All chemical peel appointments MUST be evaluated by Danielle prior to being scheduled.*





Additional Services

Additional services can be added on to any facial service or performed as a stand alone service. **Please note that for ALL waxing service, you MUST be off of any retinols or exfoliating chemicals to the area to be waxed for a least 7 days prior to your appointment.**


Brow Shape          25
Upper Lip Wax      14
Nostril Wax          14

*Please note I am NO LONGER offering full face waxes! If you are looking for full face hair removal, please consider booking The Dermaplane Facial.*


Brazilian Wax        63

Underarm Wax      25

*Please note I am NO longer offering arm, back or leg waxes!*


Image by Max van den Oetelaar
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